Thursday, 16 August 2012

Smisje Guido

Well there's a new look for my blog (things may change slightly but I think it reads better) so lets kick off this new look with an absolutely cracker.

Time then for another beer from what is undoubtedly one of my all time favourite breweries - Smisje (now Smiske) and being a Smisje beer sadly this is one of the beers that brew-master Johan no longer produces (still we never give up hope for a hear me Johan)

Guido takes its name from the 19th century Flemish writer and poet Guido Gazelle, who's statue stands proudly in his birth town of Bruges...........aaahhh Bruges.

Johan is well known for brewing his beers with distinctive fruits and herbs and Guido is no exception, here honey and raisins give this beautiful brown ale its unique character.

Guido pours an attractive hazy chestnut that is topped by a 2 finger width khaki coloured head that sits there as you indulge in yet another of Johans masterpieces.

Aroma is of rich malts, floral honey sweetness and caramel like demerara sugar - FANTASTIC !
Then the deep dark fruits emerge (figs, dates and of course raisins) then you get a barrel aged tawny port depth (possible woody tannins and a hint of leather) along with that a heady alcohol waft comes through as well but this just enhances all the above wonderful scents - truly a beautiful smelling beer.

As you'd expect from a beer brewed with honey and raisins the initial taste is sweet (but never over the top) deep molasses coupled with smooth honey (yes it's there) then in a repeat of the aroma dark, dried fruits - raisins most definitely but also plums and figs then a morello cherry sharpness before finishing with sweet caramel malts......the perfect balance.

Hands down one of Johans finest moments in brewing, the beers in my collection are amongst my most prized.



  1. Great tasting notes Jay from a wonderful beer made by Johan.
    Also, the new look of your blog is perfect!
    Keep up the beery job Jay!

  2. Thanks for that Filip - Guido truly is a magnificent piece of brewing. It was great to share a few with you.