Tuesday, 14 August 2012

La Corne Tripel

Now then Belgium has a well known tradition for producing a unique glass for each beer, most do the job perfectly well (what more could you ask of a glass) yet a few are honestly just all show - a case of the container being better than the contents.....some however miss the mark on both counts.

Any new visitor to Belgium who stumbles upon a bar will inevitably pose with one of these glasses for that "look at how wacky I am" shot, and more often than not the glass and beer held aloft will be a Kwak (during our last visit to Bruges a table of 6 guys sat behind us all ordered Kwak, did the glass determine their choice ? )
Produced by the same brewery that brings us that outstanding beer Tripel Karmeliet , Kwak is (as far as taste goes) very much in its shadow - its saving grace that much photographed coachman's glass in which it is served  (time to own up, yes I do own a kwak glass but have used it maybe 3 times - a real pain to clean and dry)

Just as a quick side note there is a far worse glass than this, possibly the most useless glass title going to Leute Bokbier  - a round bottomed glass that sits in a wooden ashtray.......why?  The only time I tried this beer I spent the entire time holding the glass upright, it's that unstable - the beer is nothing to write home about either.

And so all this rambling brings me to my next beer and no prizes for guessing that it's one that is served in yet another wacky glass, the beer in question La Corne Tripel BUT I'm pleased to report that in this instance both glass and beer didn't disappoint.

Firstly the glass, what we have here is a horn shaped glass that is sat on a wooden frame (Kwak similarities yes) but here the glass is held in place by a leather strap and it's that little leather strap that holds the glass firmly in place, making the vessel totally use-able (no Kwak of Leute wobble here)

La Corne Tripel pours a hazy deep amber that is topped by a compact yet fluffy head, served in its own glass this is a really attractive beer.

Aroma is bready and yeasty with a sweet caramel note, also a light citrus edge along with a floral / herbal twang, alcohol is also there on the finish - a very promising start.

Taste is dry and malty (almost earthy) yet also packed with an apricot / citrus fruitiness, mildly sweet, spicy and well carbonated with a definite bitterness in the finish.

Both glass and contents top notch, a match made in heaven.               


  1. Hi Jay,
    That's indeed a great beer. Had it a couple of times and was really very well surprised by it's overall qualities.
    TOP brewing this is.

  2. Hi Filip,

    Pleasantly surprised by La Corne Tripel, simply put a beer that can hold it's own - even when not served in the horn.


  3. Hi Jay, do you think I can buy this beer in the U.S. just had it in France and it's my favorite new beer.