Wednesday, 8 August 2012


Brewed at de Proef brewery to an original recipe from the Den Ouden Advocaat cooperative, they also brew the sister beer Boerinneken (meaning little farmers wife) Boerken therefore as you'd expect means little farmer (as pictured on the bottle) a bottle that unusually features a swing-top (Grolsch type) cap.

Boerken pours a deep, dark ruby red, topped with an impressive, light beige, creamy head that just sits there whilst you work your way through the beer.

Very malty upfront on the aroma, coupled with lots of dried fruits (ripe plums and cherries) caramel sweetness then a yeasty finish.

Taste is again rich and malty (like brown bread) with hints of brown sugar, dark fruits (raisins) then a hit of chocolate before finishing with a light oaky bitterness.  

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