Saturday, 4 August 2012

Piraat 10.5% ABV

May as well continue the Van Steenberge  tasting, this time with possibly their most well known beer and one with a nautical theme...Piraat (others include the Boucanier range)

This beer was possibly the first big hitting, high ABV Belgian I ever tasted - from that moment on my taste-buds changing forever (and for the better)

This mighty beer pours a beautiful light amber that has the slightest haze, this is topped by one enormous full foam head that slowly, slowly falls.

Aroma is spicy, bitter and malty - yes there's a healthy alcohol waft but this just accentuates the enticing bouquet.
Citrus fruits (sharp orange zest) and spicy cloves before a sweet, candy sugar finish.

Taste is rich and malty with intense citrus notes coupled with clove and coriander spices, bitter hops in the finish balance out the alcoholic sweetness.

First tasted around 18 years ago - loved it back then and love it today, simply an iconic Belgian beer.  

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