Sunday, 26 August 2012

Smisje Dubbel

Lets continue with another from Smisje and also another beer that featured heavily on my bar bill during that fantastic mid-week break to Bruges......again this also no longer features in the current line up so talk about indulging.
And IF you're going to indulge in obsolete Smisje beers then where better than Bruge's NO1, iconic, beer fanatics haunt 't Brugs Beertje - talk about perfect timing because it appeared that bar owner Daisy had some kind of Smisje promotion going on with lots of beers Johan no longer produces being offered, to say I was in heaven is putting it mildly.

We were also lucky enough to share quite a few with local Bruges inhabitant and good friend Filip Geerts and his wife Katrien (Filip btw is simply one of the most dedicated Belgian beer fans I know, his passion for the subject is infectious and the website he runs...easily the webs NO1 on the topic  belgianbeerboard. If I can portray just a fraction of that enthusiasm on here then I'll consider my blog a success)
Between us quite a few of Johans finest disappeared forever that night, with both Smisje Dubbel and Guido featuring heavily.

This outstanding beer pours a rich, rusty, chestnut brown - lighter in colour than some Dubbels but attractive non the less.
Sitting proudly on top is a huge, compact, frothy, tan coloured head and my does it last - right down to the last drop.

Aroma is of rich dark malts, ripe fruits and sweet sticky dates (this beer is brewed with honey and dates) there's also a hint of bakers spice...intriguing and addictive.

Taste is packed with candy sugar combined with that typical musty honey note. Dark fruits (dates) appear and build as the beer warms, again a subtle use of spices keeps the taste-buds guessing (allspice berries?)
Warming alcohol is felt on the finish along with a light bitterness from the hops.

For the style...unique - lighter in colour, sweeter and with more alcohol, but hey I for one certainly ain't complaining.
My only problem is....................................can I land it lucky a 2nd time come February.

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