Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Kasteel Donker

Kasteel takes its name after the Flemish word for castle, indeed the castle in question is depicted on the label - a U shaped building situated at Ingelmunster that dates back to 1736.
After many changes of hands it finally fell under control of current owners; the Van Honsebrouck family in 1986 who bought it from then owners the Montblancs family.

Kasteel Donker pours very dark brown (bordering on black) and is topped with a huge, rich, creamy tan coloured head that comprises of thousands of tiny, compact bubbles.
Wonderful aroma of demerara sugar, caramel, rich dark fruits (prunes and raisins) intense malt loaf bready-ness coupled with a delicate liquorice and clove spicing before finishing with a nice alcohol warmth (this formidable beer is 11% ABV after all)

That aromatic intro carries through into the taste with sweet dark ripe fruits, rich caramel malts, brown sugar, chocolate covered cherries and hints of red wine tannins that lend a port like depth.

This is for sure one of Belgiums sweetest beers but it is so perfectly balanced between the intense burnt sugar, deft use of spices and vinous qualities - also a beer that could be described as being heavy......think of this as the perfect dessert beer, Winter warmer or welcome nightcap.

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