Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Petrus Aged Pale

Now if there is one style of beer that doesn't feature regularly in my reviews then it is the sours - this should come as no surprise because as you can see the vast majority of my entries are the darker, sweeter varieties such as Quads and Tripels.
This isn't due to the fact that I dislike sours (the Lambic styles) it's just that my taste buds lie elsewhere, with this style one or two are enough for me.

So what we have here is in fact an Oud Bruin, a beer from Bavikhore brewery Bavik (hence the name) a brewery famous for that traditional Flemish Brown style and one that has been around since 1894, a brewery that is still family owned.
The beer in question is Petrus Aged Pale and as its name suggests it's a paler version of another of Baviks beers their Oud Bruin - the aged, well it spends over 20 months maturing in oak barrels.

Now just uncapping the beer and amazing tart, crisp, sour notes escape from the neck...my we're in for something a bit different.

This Aged Pale pours a lovely bright copper with the slightest haze and is topped with a fluffy white head that all too quickly settles down to a thin lasting ring, thin streams of bubbles rise from the bottom of the glass giving the beer a well carbonated appearance.

Aroma is instantly tart and incredibly fruity with lemon zest and crisp green apples, then you get a dry, acidic sourness that reminds me of cider vinegar.
There's a biscuit matiness coming through along with hints of caramel sweetness and touches of oak on the finish - a nod towards the barrel ageing.

Taste - well what do you expect, sour tart grapes, lemons, grassy hops, white wine, crab apple and a dry, bitter, woody finish.

A sour beer no doubt and whilst not my chosen style it's still an intriguing, well made Oud Bruin and one I look forward to sampling again.


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