Wednesday, 10 July 2013

De Graal Gember

So here we are at the start of my next century of beer reviews, so lets kick things off with an absolute cracker and a beer from a brewery I've rated before.

De Graal Tripel

The clue for this particular beers flavour lies in its name "Gember" (Dutch for ginger) and it's the dried root that is used to infuse this particular ginger bomb.

A hazy deep amber beer that is topped with a foamy white head that all to quickly collapses leaving behind large craggy mounds.

A most wonderful aroma fills the glass that is crammed full of those spicy / prickly ginger qualities but also coupled with lemon and orange citrus notes (it's almost as aromatic as a herbal tea)
Then you get a deep honey sweetness before a rich malty backbone comes through, finished off with a subtle touch of hops.

The flavour comes as no surprise as once again ginger features heavily on the taste, this time in the form of the sweet preserved variety, again the citrus notes of lemon come through along with a caramel sweetness before finishing with a malty / bitter hop bite.

Without doubt another great beer from brewmaster Wim Saeyens and without doubt a beer I'll be sampling again.

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