Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Fantome Pissenlit

Well here I am, at my 100th review and what a great time I've had reaching this mile-stone, sampling some truly outstanding beers along the way.
My only regret is that I didn't start my blog sooner, there are so many more fine Belgian beers I've sampled over the years (sadly the majority I never photographed) but these will be revisited and reviewed here.

Needless to say that many of the highlights contained in my blog revolve around trips to our beloved city of Bruges - the beers I have sampled and shared with friends here rank amongst the most special.

So my 100th post rightfully deserves a special beer and the bottle I have chosen has been sat at the back of my cupboard for the past year (awaiting that special moment) also this is sadly my very last bottle from Soy brewery Fantome.

Pissenlit was the very beer that first sparked my interest in Dany's brewery, and this way before our first trip to Bruges (guess which beer was at the top of my shopping list back in 2008...alas I drew a blank)
Last June however I struck gold - gold indeed because Pissenlit is brewed with bright yellow dandelion petals. Each year Dany and friends scour the fields surrounding the brewery in search of the the yellow 'gold'.
The flowers are then dried in the sun then soaked in water. the resulting infusion is the basis for Pissenlit.
Eaten raw dandelion is known to have a diuretic effect, hence the name of the beer - French for "wet the bed"

Here we go...Pissenlit pours a clear bright copper and is crowned with a large bright white head that really lasts as you savour this spectacular beer.

Absolutely fantastic aroma that is herbal and grassy coupled with a flowery bitterness, then you get a dry hay mustiness.
Tart crisp orchard fruits (green apple and pear) all perfectly balanced with a honey sweetness...simply sublime.

Taste is another winner, initially tart with unripe citrus notes, then musty yeast combined with a peppery spicing.
Then again you get that honey sweetness before sharp grapefruit cuts through giving a dry mouth-feel. Is dandelion there, well there's definitely a glass full of herbal / floral characteristics so I suppose yes.

A unique and amazing beer and one that I simply must try again - my next hunt though will include that elusive Fantome glass.....lets hope I strike gold again.



  1. Again, a wonderful report !!
    Thanks Jay !

  2. Cheers mate, looking forward to sharing a few more great beers.