Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Winter 13

Well seeing we've been having some nice warm sunny weather here in the UK (makes a change) so why not open a Winter beer...well why not, after all this is not the usual dark, heavy, spiced brew - no this particular beer is more a farmhouse saison.

Produced by Leuven brewery Hof ten Dormaal, it is a family run farm that also doubles as a brewery - the farm producing everything that is required by the brewery (right down to the chicory used in their Wit Goud beer) this is very much a self sufficient business.

The beer pours a deep murky amber and is topped with a white, bubbly head that quickly fades to a lasting finger width cap.

Aroma is sweet malts then instantly you get a tart, sour green apple edge. Then you get a musty banana note before a yeasty, floral hop finish.

Initial taste was sweeter than I was expecting (not a bad thing though) then you get yeast, faint bitter hops, light tart / citrus notes and a spicy, carbonated finish.

Yet another great beer from the Dormaal brewery and a beer I'll no doubt sample again.

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