Friday, 31 May 2013

Goliath Tripel

Now I may as well stick true to my words, so here we have another outstanding beer from Brasserie des Geants - this time as hinted their sublime Goliath Tripel.

Goliath was the first beer produced by des Geants back in 2000 and like their other beer Urchon, Goliath takes its name from local sources.
Goliath (pronounced Gouyasse in the local dialect) is the lead figure in the annual 'Ducasse' festivities - Gouyasse btw is also an alias for this beer.

Goliath pours a hazy deep orange with a towering bubbly white head that slowly collapses, leaving behind a rocky glass clinging covering.

Wonderful classic Tripel aroma that explodes with sweet malts, crisp green apples and pears that are combined with tropical fruits. Then you get sweet honey notes before a spicy yeast bite and gentle hop bitterness.

Taste only backs up that fantastic introduction with citrus fruits (orange and lemon) sweet bready malts that are almost biscuit like, there's a nice dose of clove and pepper spicing, then floral bitter hops and again sweet honey notes are there on the finish.

No doubt, a truly well made Tripel.

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