Thursday, 23 May 2013


The Wolf brewery was founded in 2003 by Peter Van der Borght when he decided to follow his hearts dream and brew his own beer, being joined a while later by three friends and so in 2008 Wolf brewery was founded, being formally called Lupus (Latin for wolf, canus lupus)

Wolf 9 poured much darker than I expected (why I was expecting a paler beer I don't know) and so an incredibly deep amber beer filled my glass and was topped by a huge, creamy, light tan coloured head that really lasts and lasts.

Lovely aroma of sweet bready malts, deep musty banana notes, deffinate anise spicing and a light hop touch on the finish.

Initial taste was raisin bread (malty with a dark, dried fruit edge) then you get a lovely caramel sweetness that coupled with the fruit gives it an almost marmalade flavour.
Again the spices are there (clove and anise...maybe even gingerbread) before slight bitter hops balance things out nicely.

My first taste from the Wolf brewery and I look forward to sampling the blond 7 and dark 8.

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