Thursday, 25 April 2013


Another review , another great beer (well what else would I drink) and my first from brewery Eutropius, located in Heule, in the West corner of Belgium.

The label of the beer features men indulging in the pass-time of Vinkenzetting (Dutch for finch sitting, hence the name of the beer) a local contest that dates back to 1596 and involves male chaffinches, each housed in a small cage which are then placed six feet apart along a street.
The birds then sing their little hearts out - each trying to establish his own territory (and no doubt attract a mate) Each song is then chalked up by the owner sat behind on a long wooden stick - after an hour the bird that sings the most is declared winner, champion birds belting out several hundred calls.

Vinkenier pours a hazy, deep orange and is alive with streams of bubbles.
This is topped with a large, white, bubbly head that slowly collapses as you savour.

Rich, bready aroma combined with a lovely caramel sweetness which is then cut by citric, floral hops on the finish.

Initial taste is dominated by the honey sweet malts, then just like the aroma you get intense fruit notes (orange and peaches) also there's a peppery, spicy bite before grassy / herbal hops provide a welcome bitter finish.

A beer I picked up because of the a beer I'll pick up again because of the taste.


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