Saturday, 20 April 2013

Ondineke Oilsjtersen Triple

Time for what is only my second beer from De Glazen, my first being the truly magnificent Christmas offering Canaster Winterscotch and first thing first this beer shares none of it's darker sisters volcanic opening problems (so no panic pouring)

Ondineke pours a hazy, burnt amber and is topped with a huge billowing, bright white head that slowly collapses to a bumpy, bubbly covering.

Wonderful aroma that is packed with ripe citrus fruits (oranges and biting lemons) coupled with sharp crisp hops then you get a toffee sweetness to balance things out nicely before income the spices - clove , pepper and coriander.........just lovely.

Taste follows with sweet doughy malts, then you get touches of citrus fruits (orange and lemon) there's grassy / herbal hops that provide a dry mouth-feel along with those trademark triple spices of clove and coriander.

A fantastic well made true triple.


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