Monday, 11 March 2013

Watou Tripel

Watou Tripel takes its name from the small village in the west corner of Belgium, situated in the province of West Flanders and located next to the French border (a beautiful area I feel very fortunate to have visited)
The illustration on the label features the St Bavo Church, which in parts dates back to the 12th century and proudly sits in the centre of the village.

savoured at the one and only 't Brugs Beertje
The people behind this beer, the iconic St. Bernardus Brouwerij and is just one from their impressive portfolio of beers.

Watou Tripel pours a hazy burnt amber and is crowned with an intense white, three finger width head that comprises of a thousand compact tiny bubbles - a very nice looking beer, which is made even nicer poured into that bowl like St. Bernardus glass (a simple yet elegant design)

Aroma is instantly fruity and floral, ripe bananas, lemons and pears. Then clove and coriander spices come through with a doughy / bready finish.

Flavour again has those typical orchard fruits characteristics (mainly pear) combined with a honey sweetness, then clove and pepper spicing before herbal hops cut through.

An expertly made, easy drinking Tripel.


  1. A great write-up from a great Belgian beer !
    Thanks for sharing !

  2. Hi Filip,

    Simply a great beer from a great brewery.

    Cheers, Jay.