Tuesday, 19 March 2013


Time for a relatively new beer, a beer from brewery d' Oude Maalderij - a brewery founded in 2011 by 4 friends who all shared a common passion for craft beer.
The original beers were brewed at bry Manhout, however recent batches have seen a move to bry. het Gulden Spoor.

My first sample of Qantelaar was at the recent Bruges Beer Festival and my reaction was one of surprise (this is one heavy going beer)
Miss-labelled by some as a Quadrupel (what I was expecting) this is anything but....it's more akin to a sweet stout.

Powerful aroma of roasted malts, burnt sugar, liquorice. dark fruits and a biting coffee bitterness combined with a light touch of hops on the finish.

Taste can only mimic that intense aroma with roasted burnt malts, bitter cocoa (almost mocha) old worn leather, light tropical fruits, caramelised / brulee sugar and a slight bitter note.
Mouth-feel for such a mighty beer is incredibly smooth and creamy.

Have no doubt, Qantelaar is one hefty beer....but as long as you know what to expect you can enjoy this for what it is - a really good sweet stout.    

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