Friday, 29 March 2013


The time is right for a seasonal offering from one of my favourite breweries - namely De Dolle and the beer in question the Easter brew Boskeun.

Roughly translated as "rabbit of the woods" (hence the label) Boskeun was one of the first Easter beers brewed in Belgium and being a blond beer was the style Herteleer brother Jo preferred brewing - ironically Boskeun is also his nickname , the result of an accident when the brothers were younger in which Jo received an injury to his lip.

The mighty Boskeun shares the characteristic De Dolle pouring problems (a steady hand is required here) whilst not as aggressive as Dulle Teve (a very similar beer) it still took 4 separate pours to fill the glass - each time a towering , fluffy white head is produced, underneath lies a hazy, bronze beer.
Once filled however you have a very nice looking beer.

Gorgeous aroma of bready / yeasty malts, sweet candy sugar, intense tropical fruits, clove spicing and a floral, honey finish.....simply divine and no doubt about it a fantastic start.

Initial taste is sweet, bready malts (almost dough like with the yeast) then you get ripe fruits - apples, bananas and apricot. There's a peppery spicing (perfectly balanced)nand the lightest touch of hop bitterness on the finish.

Hands down De Dolle are my favourite Belgian brewery and of their finest - roll on next Easter.


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