Monday, 31 October 2011


Seeing today is Halloween it seems only right to open something that fits the bill, a pumpkin beer pherhaps? Well for me there is only one and yes it's from my favourite brewery Smisje (now Smiske) sadly though it's one that Johan no longer brews (fingers crossed for a revival)

Older bottle on left (will I open it?)  Recent bottle on right 

Smisje Speciaal pours a very cloudy, caramel colour with a large bubbly off white head that slowly falls to leave behind a constant, creamy, finger width covering.

Aroma is simply wonderful, first you get spices (clove, nutmeg) then lots of fruits (pears, bananas) along with herbs then a sweet, almost caramel / toffee roundness. Do I get pumpkin? well there is an earthy / musky edge to it......could that be the magical ingredient?

Taste.......YES! You can detect pumpkin - that sweet, earthy, musty note, again spices fill you taste buds (almost black pepper) sweet malts carry the flavour along with a light citrus edge that provides the perfect balance. Alcohol is detected on the finish (this beer is 10.5% ABV) but not burning just a nice glow, it really is amazing just how drinkable this beer is.

Smisje continue to excite me and their retired beers continue to amaze me.

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