Wednesday, 12 October 2011


Last week was a time for celebration in our household, so this called for a special bottle. What do we open to toast this special occasion.....Champagne - no way, Belgian beer is our passion so it had to be DeuS, a beer that
can easily be classed as a Champage beer (even the bottle follows suit)

Tightly holding the cork whilst carefully and slowly twisting the bottle no more than two turns is enough, the pressure within does the rest and a loud, characteristic "POP" rings out as the cork is fired from the neck.
Quickly but smoothly pouring produces a clear amber beer that is intensely carbonated being crammed full with streams of tiny bubbles, topped with a large white foamy head that slowly fades - incredibly Champagne like in its appearance.

Powerful aroma of spiced green apples, dry floral hops, alcohol (well this beer is 11.5% ABV) also citrus...lemon almost and a musky / yeasty finish.

Taste is full of fruits - grapes, crisp pears, lemons and also a note of spiced bananas, with a flowery (almost herbal) edge, bready malts and a honey like sweetness in the finish. The mouth feel is as you'd expect carbonated and dry but this just helps to keep the flavour alive.  

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