Tuesday, 15 November 2011


A beer and indeed a brewery with a bit of history, the beers themselves have been brewed since 1873 by the Friart family and now the 4th generation continue the process. The history of the breweries name goes back much further.

The story goes that way back in the 7th century an Irish monk by the name of Feuillien came to Europe to preach the gospel. Unfortunately in 655 whilst travelling through the charcoal forest (now the town of Le Roeulx) our hero of the moment was martyred and beheaded.
In his honour Feuillien's disciples constructed a chapel on the very site of his martyrdom, which in 1125 became the Abbey of Premontres, later to become known as the Abbaye St-Feuillien du Roeulx.

Now to try the beer, St Feuillien Triple pours a rich golden amber with a hazy appearance and topped with a dense, creamy, brilliant white head that soon falls to leave a constant finger width covering.
Complex aroma of fruits and faint spices - the usual suspects are there banana, pear and tart apples, a slight musty/grassy hop note is detected along with a clove spiciness.

A delicate taste that at first is caramelised malts then floral hops cut through along with a bready/biscuity edge. The clove like spiciness is back in there but also a fruity (possibly tropical) sweetness finish, a lively, carbonated mouthfeel keeps the flavours dancing around your taste buds.

All in all a very decent Triple and one (and a brewery) I'll revisit again no doubt.



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