Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Struise Tsjeeses Reserva

Well seeing that my last post concerned my Christmas beer, it's only right that I share my New Years beer (well New Years eve) and my what a way to welcome in 2013.

What we have here is a special limited release of a beer that I've already reviewed, the difference with this beer is that it has been aged in oak barrels for 6 months prior to bottling.


Tsjeeses Reserva pours a murky brick red and is topped by a huge, creamy, beige coloured head that really lasts, eventually falling to leave a lasting finger width cap.

Incredibly powerful aroma that smacks you in the senses - sweet,sweet malts, ripe orchard fruits (apple and pear) sherry soaked wood (seriously) spicy triple notes before finishing with oily rich alcohol.

Taste is sweet caramel malts then you get rich mixed fruits (pear and grape) light spiced yeasty notes (clove and coriander) then the oak comes through to add another depth, with it you get tannin / vinous notes - yes the alcohol is there but not as prominent as on the aroma.

without doubt a staggeringly good beer......will I see more in just 4 weeks time when we visit Bruges again - I bloody hope so.    

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