Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Fantome de Noel

Okay, here we have the special Christmas beer that I stash away at the back of my cupboard and forget about until the 24th - reserved as our youngest says "for Santa" (well the big guy deserves the best)

So here we have Fantome de Noel...and my was I (sorry Santa) looking forward to this particular seasonal offering from brew-master Dany Prignon.

The trademark 750ml green bottle opens with that characteristic ear ringing POP! but no drama follows  (read my last post) it just calmly sits there in the bottle.
Fantome de Noel pours a clear, deep garnet red that is topped by a large, creamy, tan coloured head that slowly fades to a lasting thin cap.

Inviting aroma of dark morello cherries (or should that be cranberries) crisp green apples, subtle spices (clove and coriander) sweet dark sugar and roasted malts before a light musty hay note on the finish.

Taste again is dominated by the dark fruits (deep tart cherry) but there's also ripe pear and banana coupled with a sharp citric edge.
Hints of cocoa can also be found before an almost pine like sharpness compliments the dry/carbonated finish.

Is this beer really 10% ABV? that's some hiding - it drinks as easy as a 5% Hefeweizen.

Yet again, another outstanding example of true farmhouse brewing from Dany.......and I still have another of his beers stashed away - not another Noel but a bottle of...............         


  1. hahaha !! not sure it's really 10 % , but it really important?.. :-) dany, simple FtBrewer

  2. 5%, 8% or 10%....either way a cracking beer.