Monday, 12 November 2012

Fantome Magic Ghost

In an earlier post I excitedly reviewed a beer (and brewery) seldom seen in pub menus or on store shelves - that beer was Fantome Saison.

Yes I have another of Dany's weird and wonderful Saisons to sample, this time the intriguing Magical Ghost - a beer that in keeping with Dany's "brew with nature" philosophy is brewed the green tea (and other magical ingredients I guess)

Now on with the pour and YES! it's GREEN.....absinthe green, a natural colour coming no doubt from the green tea used in the brewing process - a green beer may sound alarming but the subtle pale kiwi colour is very attractive (we're not talking a shitty, chemical alcopop dayglo here)

That magical lime green beer is topped by a huge trademark white bubbly head that eventually settles down to a constant finger width covering.

Aroma was as expected, being crammed with floral, grassy, herbal notes also tart and citric with a crisp green apple fruitiness and a deep, bready finish - at the same time there's a malty sweetness.

Taste follows with a tart, herbal bitterness (is that dill?) then sharp, green fruits (apples, kiwi and grapes) along with that fresh cut grass and a strong citric backbone with a long, lingering finish.

Yet again Dany delivers another unique beer and one quite unlike anything I've tried before.

Yes his beers are old school, true artisnal brewing that push my sweet, dark, triple loving taste-buds to the extreme - but that's why Fantome excites me.     

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