Friday, 12 October 2012

Forestinne Gothika

Time for another beer from Falmignoul brewery Brasserie Caracole, this time one from the Forestinne range - a beer brewed by Philippe Golinvaux and Michael Vermeren.

This intense beer pours black - jet black, and is topped by a thick, dense, creamy, tan coloured head that really lasts, it just sits there as you work your way through.

A powerful aroma hits you the second you uncap the bottle, pouring the beer and the air fills with intense liquorice aromas.
Lift the glass and get a lung full....WOW! Instantly you get powerful liquorice coupled with bitter dark cocoa, then you get a toffee like sweetness - great start.

Taste follows that fantastic aroma, initially you get sweet caramel then roasted malts, dark sweet fruits (plums and figs) sprinkled with a delicate spice note before finishing with a coffee bean like bitterness.

Weighing in with a relatively healthy 7.5% ABV this beer really does pack a flavour punch.......bloody lovely.  

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