Sunday, 12 June 2011


Now for a beer that for my blog is the first to bear the name Grand Cru. This is a term more commonly linked with wine and translates as Great Growth, an indication that a vineyard is known for its favourable reputation in producing wine.
When written on a beer label it's an indication that this is a breweries more elaborate, complex release.

Initially RGC pours a beautiful crystal clear brick red but as I also added the yeast sediment at the bottom of the bottle the result was a hazy dark amber beer that shimmered with a red hue, topped by a lovely large, dense, fluffy white head, that slowly faded down to a constant cap.

Pleasant sweet aroma that is malty with rich candy fruits, a slight spice note is also present with a bready/hoppy finish.
Flavour is sweet roasted malts, tart dried fruits (spicy banana) and roasted cocoa, a warming alcohol note on the finish makes this a thoroughly enjoyable Grand Cru.     

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