Sunday, 26 June 2011


De Dolle Brouwers (the mad brewers) started life in 1980 formed by three brothers (Jo, Kris and Ward Herteleer) and all keen home brewers. After winning a local brewing competition they purchased an old defunct brewery in Essen, West Flanders.

Nowadays Kris is the master brewer and very much the face of De Dolle, often spotted wearing his infamous bright yellow 'Oerbier man' jacket and oversized bow tie (like the neck of the bottles)
Ward is predominantly a silent partner whilst Jo lives and works in South Africa.

Now for the Dulle Teve, this roughly translates as 'Mad Bitch' and boy is this an angry beer - eager to escape the bottle. Just a gentle prise of the bottle opener on the cap is enough to send it flying a full 2 feet with it a loud pop as the gas contained within escapes.
That lively character carries over into the pour, this beer took 5 separate pours to fill the glass - even the slightest, most gentle pours generates a giant towering head.

Anyway once poured Dulle Teve is a hazy dark amber beer that is crammed full of tiny dark yeast particles that coat the bottom of the glass. The enormous, fluffy, dense, white head that dominates the glass slowly recedes to leave a constant finger width covering.

Joyous huge aroma of citrus fruits, beady malts, honey sweetness, tropical richness and a prickly ginger like spice finish.

Gorgeous strong and yeasty taste with a light caramel sweetness, bitter floral hops cut through along with a  spicy (clove) note, an intense fruity but at the same time peppery taste fills your taste-buds as the beer warms, the finish is dry and herbal..................complex, unique and a must try.

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