Thursday, 19 May 2011


Time I think for another Trappist beer and one that is instantly recognisable on any shelf, housed as it is in its "skittle" shaped 330ml bottle.

Brewed within the walls of the Abbay Notre-Dame d'Orval in the far south Gaume region of Belgium near the Luxembourg border, the brewery produces just two beers, Orval and Petite Orval.

Orval is the main brew and has been in production since 1931, where as the Petite Orval is a "patersbier" and at just 3.5% abv is brewed by the monks for their own comsumption, although not generally for sale it can be bought at the monastery itself or at the nearby cafe.

On with the taste, Orval pours a hazy bright amber with an impressive white creamy head that lasted and lasted, a beautiful looking beer.
Aroma is simply amazing, the glass explodes with pine, citrus, floral crisp hops, green apple but there's also a nice rounded sweetness to the finish.
Taste for a beer with 6.2% abv is outstanding, instantly tart with a dry hop bitterness, malty, sweet caramel citrus and a dry, spicy, refreshingly carbonated finish.

All in all this is ONE HELL of a remarkable beer, the recipe is simple - do one thing and do it right.

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