Thursday, 12 May 2011


The first oak aged beer on my blog comes from Wallonia's oldest brewery Brasserie Dubuisson.

Bush de Nuits starts its life as the Christmas beer Bush de Noel that is then matured for 6 months in large (228 ltr) Bourgogne oak barrels that once housed Cotes de Nuits from the world famous "Nuits St. Georges" vineyard - this is the brainchild of Hughes Dubuisson as a result of a wine buying trip to Burgundy.                          
The result, a beer with a whopping 13% ABV, packaged in 75cl screen printed bottles.

Pours a cloudy chestnut with a thin white head that as is to be expected with the high ABV very quickly fades to leave behind a constant ring.

Intriguing aroma that starts sweet and toffee like but then is vinous with red skin grapes and oaky tannins and a slight alcoholic sour note to finish.

Taste is not as sweet as the base beer, the oak ageing imparting a slight sour edge (and changing its character completely) rich caramel malts, wood, liquorice and dark tart fruits fill (morello cherries)your taste buds - with that a slight carbonated mouth feel and a long finish.

This is a method (oak ageing) that I feel will divide many people's opions, the oaky/wine taste may seem a little alien and miss-placed in a beer - me....I absolutely loved it and cannot wait to try again, this really does lift an already great beer to new heights.


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