Saturday, 3 May 2014

Zeven Zonden pt1 Luxuria

Pretty much like the beer in my last review, what we have here is a special release that forms part of a brewers sideline of experimental beers - whilst not being barrel aged of bottled in limited numbers, these are still non the less great beers.

Brewed by Gulden Spoor this particular line-up carries the title Zeven Zonden (7 sins) and each beer in the range takes its name after the Latin for one of the seven deadly sins. The first two to be released are Gula and Luxuria (after gluttony and lust) with the next five that follow carrying the names...superbia, avaritia, invidia, ira and acedia.

So first up for review Luxuria and what we have here is an intense, dark, deep brown beer and is topped with a huge, creamy, beige coloured head that slowly fades whilst you savour.

Aroma is dominated with dark malts and bitter dark chocolate, then you get dark fruits (cherries and figs) along with subtle spices and a herbal hop note on the finish.

Taste follows with roasted malts and a delicate liquorice spicing coupled with a raisin sweetness before finishing with a bitter (almost woody) flavour - the sweet / bitter flavours perfectly balanced throughout.

A wonderful introduction to the seven sins, much looking forward to part 2 with Gula.

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