Thursday, 4 August 2011


A beer that takes it's name from the golden dragon that sits on top of the Belfry of Ghent, Gulden Draak is instantly recognisable in its white bottle complete with bold black band and golden dragon.

From that beautiful white bottle a dark (almost black) beer pours, with it rises one of the largest heads on any Belgian beer, enormous, tan coloured and my does it last, slowly falling to leave a rocky covering.

Powerful, deep aroma of dark roasted candy malts, liquorice, raisins and cherries, caramel, spices and yes alcohol. This really is a beer that you can just sit back and inhale, without tasting you know this something magical, instantly becoming a favourite.

Taste perfectly backs up the aroma, plenty of rich, roasted sweet malts, candy sugar (almost toffee like) smooth caramel, dark ripe fruits, a slight dose of spicing and unlike the aroma chocolate.....if you enjoyed the aroma the taste will knock you for six - outstanding!

A beer that I cannot praise highly enough, once tasted you'll be a fan for life.


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