Saturday, 12 March 2011


Urthel was established in 2000, a creation of husband and wife team Bas and Hildegard Van Ostaden.
The beers are designed and brewed by Hildegard whilst the artwork and packaging are the result of husband Bas.

Urthel Samaranth was originally created for their wedding in 2002, to serve instead of wine, it was such a success that it's been part of the line-up since.

Pouring gives a hazy deep amber beer with a finger thick white head that quickly fades.
Aroma is full on, intensely malty, sweet and packed with dark candy fruits, a slight alcohol note is detected as it warms.

Taste is sweet and i do mean syrupy sweet (but hey i do like sweet strong beers) also spices come through and a figgy/raisin richness with a lively carbonated mouthfeel.

Labeled as a Quadrupel (hence Quadrium) i feel that this beer is just too sweet to fall into this catagory - more like a Barley Wine.

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